New posts and repairs to railings in Berkswell village

Expiration date: 
Saturday, April 22, 2017

J Hubbard and Son will be undertaking works to repair wooden fencing and install more posts to protect the greens in Berkswell village. The work will take place during either week commencing 10th or 17th April (weather permitting).

The work will comprise:

  1. Replacement of a post in the fencing around the Well and the replacement of a horizontal rail.
  2. Replacement of the fencing on Church Lane which protects the grass from vehicles with posts similar to the ones on the village green. Some of the current fence posts are broken at ground level and do not fully protect the full length of the grass involved from drivers who do not stick to the road. The footpath on the left side of Church Lane will remain unobstructed. Currently there is grass erosion caused by foot traffic to the Well being focused through a single gap in the fencing on Church Lane. It is hoped that using posts will spread the footfall over a larger area of grass reducing this problem.
  3. Three additional oak posts will be added to the village green along the Lavender Hall Lane side to deter motorists from driving onto the green which has become an all too common occurrece.